How it Works

Direct Primary Care (DPC) makes Unorthodoc possible.

A simpler approach

Removing barriers to care

When insurance is involved in primary care, doctors are often forced to jump through administrative hoops before giving a diagnosis or ordering a lab. This creates barriers, high costs and frustration for not only patients, but also for doctors whose hands are tied by the mandates of impersonal decision makers. This is not good medicine.

DPC gives primary care its power back.

Direct Primary Care (DPC), on the other hand, is a simple, personal, affordable approach to health care which is gaining momentum across the country. DPC gives primary care its power back by giving you a true medical home with a doctor you trust and can really access when needed. If you like the idea of non-rushed appointments, same or next day appointments and seeing your personal doctor consistently, DPC is your answer.

Removing middlemen

More time with patients

DPC will not only make you happier and healthier. It will also make your doctor happier and will allow them to practice the kind of medicine they imagined when they applied to medical school. Instead of being rushed, distracted and burnt-out as is too often the case in the high volume insurance based model, DPC permits doctors to take more time with individual patients and manage less total patients. This is possible because your monthly membership fee is paid directly to your doctor. In DPC there are no middle-men (insurance companies, corporate administrators, etc.) trying to profit from your healthcare.

In many ways, the DPC model is similar to Community Supported Agriculture.

In many ways, the DPC model is similar to Community Supported Agriculture, where a person purchases a membership in a small farm and then gets fresh locally grown produce through the year. The farmers make a living doing what they love and the members get fresher, more nourishing food from local land. You pay the doctor you know and appreciate directly for their services and they care for you without the interference of large systems of care.

“We love the personal care and attention…we feel like we have the whole Unorthodoc team watching out for us!”

–Doug D.

Pairing with insurance

The flexibility to choose

Going DPC doesn’t mean you give up insurance. In fact, we strongly encourage you to maintain insurance for emergencies such as accidents and serious, life-threatening illnesses. Instead, DPC exists alongside your current insurance.  It gives you the flexibility to choose your insurance plan knowing that while you’ll have coverage for those unpredictable, catastrophic, more expensive medical events, all of your primary health and urgent illness needs will be taken care of by one dedicated doctor who is interested in investing in you.

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