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Medical Ear Piercing

Unorthodoc offers safe, hygienic and sterile ear piercing using medical-grade earrings.

What better place to get you or your child’s ear pierced than at a physician’s office?

Cost: $99

All piercings are done by our physician Dr. Nayo.
Includes both studs and after-care cleaning wipes.


Dr. Nayo uses the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing system. This is a single-use, sterile and disposable product available only to medical professionals. She chose this system due to the system’s maximum allergy safety with skin friendly materials. You can learn more about the system here.

Dr. Nayo asks you wait until your child is 2 months of age and has received their first set of routine well-child vaccines before ear piercing is complete. Between 2 months and 4 months is an ideal time for ear piercing as your child can be swaddled to ensure they are still for the procedure. Once a child is 6 months+, we ask that you wait until they are old enough to cooperate and sit still for the procedure. Uncooperative toddlers are NOT ideal candidates for ear piercing.

Unorthodoc uses Blohmdal’s medical-grade hypoallergenic plastic. These are safe for those with nickel allergy. Our two current choices are gold or diamond studs.

Dr. Nayo requests piercing studs (which have thicker posts than most regular earrings) be left in place for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure proper healing and to minimize risk of infection.

  • Infection is a risk with any procedure but relatively rare if you follow the after-care guide.
  • If there is any unusual soreness, redness, or pus at the site of piercing, Dr. Nayo will want to see you right away.
  • In rare cases (more often if piercing is done at home or elsewhere), infection requires removal of the earrings and, possibly, oral antibiotics.
  • Other rare complications involve scarring, or the earring being “swallowed” by unusual swelling of the earlobe. This is very unusual in our practice as our Blomdahl earrings have purposefully longer posts.

Cost: $99 – includes both studs and after-care cleaning wipes.

Call or text 919-914-9611.

Yes! Please call or text 919-914-9611 to arrange.

Yes, although availability is dependent on needs of established patients. Our established patients are welcome to coordinate ear piercing at routine well-child visits.

Not currently as Dr. Nayo doesn’t stock equipment for this.

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