For Employers

Your employees can have a local, affordable, and trusted physician. When they are happier, healthier and more productive, your bottom line will thank you.

DPC Small Business Plan:

Attract great employees by simplifying complicated and costly insurance plans with Direct Primary Care (DPC).  One fixed monthly fee of $75 per employee per month gives your employees access to their own doctor with no additional copays or deductibles.

How Does DPC Pair With Insurance?

DPC is NOT insurance.  Ideally, DPC is paired with a high deductible health insurance plan or your own self, level, or partially funded plan.  That being said, if your business is so small that the costs of employee insurance are just not feasible, DPC is still a significant medical benefit that your staff will appreciate.

“We’re an Unorthodoc family and really love this practice. We have two kids and any time I’ve had questions they get right back to us and fit us in…we feel very well-cared for.”

–Kelley T.

Can DPC Save Your Small Business Money?

Yes!  One study showed that DPC plans can reduce hospitalizations by 25% and ER visits by 40%. Direct Primary Care’s accessibility and wellness-focused care reduces absenteeism and lost opportunity costs for your business.

Source: Busch, grzeskowiak, and huth. (2020) . Direct primary care: Evaluating a new model of delivery and financing. Society of actuaries, health care cost trends. 1, 7-42.

Interested In Learning More?

Schedule a call with Dr. Annis or Dr. Nayo today. Call or text 919-914-9611 and leave us a message to schedule an informational phone call.  And yes, you will speak with your local primary care physician personally.  Working with Unorthodoc directly ensures no middlemen are taking a cut of your business’ hard earned money.

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