For Individuals

Member Benefits

Unorthodoc protects the most valuable real estate in all health care—the distance between your doctor’s eyes and your own!

The Patient Experience

The Doctor Really WILL See You Now

We believe personalized care is healthier, safer, and more cost-effective.  By intentionally keeping our total patient numbers small, we get to know you and your family well. Be prepared! That will feel very different from the “provider soup” you find in larger systems.

The right care at the right time

Same-Day / Next-Day Care

Fewer total patients mean we are more available to see you when and how you need us. Same-day/next-day appointments, often with your own doctor, and physician-only care is our goal.

Easy access

Telemedicine and Other Virtual Formats

When attention is needed but an office visit is not, we are prepared to connect virtually.  We have a robust HIPAA-compliant system for texting and phone/video visits. Being free of insurance and uncoupling payment from office visits through your monthly membership means we have no incentive to drag you into the office just to get paid.

Transparent pricing

Know What Care Costs

We believe in cost transparency.  Your affordable monthly fee covers your membership in the practice along with a set of annual screening labs, basic in-house testing, and several procedures. Our negotiated lab pricing can save you an added 90%.

Extended visits

Don’t Feel Rushed

Good care and deep trust take time. Our doctors didn’t devote years in training just to rush through visits in seven minutes. At Unorthodoc, we believe you deserve the time to be heard.  Our liberation from healthcare’s middlemen means we work for you, and you only.

“I actually feel like I have people who care about me and my health and are responsive. I totally recommend Unorthodoc.”

–Debra K.

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