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Welcome our newest Unorthodoctor, Amy Jane Nayo, MD!




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Welcome to Unorthodoc,

a new kind of medical practice where you come first and middlemen don’t make your healthcare decisions.

Welcome to Safer, Closer, Saner, Cheaper Health Care.

Unorthodoc and its founder, Dr. Cory Annis, use a membership model to eliminate the time constraints, impersonal service and high cost of your health care. Our fees are transparent and predictable so the focus shifts from how the doctor is paid to what you need. Your affordable membership partners you and the doctor for health care that is:


      • Having one doctor reduces over-diagnosis and over-treatment.
      • Ample time with the doctor means questions are answered


      • Same-day or next-day acute visits get you back in the game.
      • Access us through texting, video, phone, & home visits.


      • Have coordinated tests, specialists and hospital transitions.
      • Have a home base for your medical records and wellness goals.
      • Keep this relationship despite changes in your insurance or job.


      • Spend WAY less money trying to run up a deductible you won’t meet 93% of the time.
      • Wellness and sick visits, basic labs and studies included :
Member Monthly Yearly (save 10%)
One Adult* $55 $594
Each Child 0-18 (or 26)* $40 $432
Family 2 adults/2 kids* $171 $1,847
Each additional child * $11 $119

Primary care for a family of four is $5.06/day, less than the cost of a sandwich!

*Per visit charge (in-office, phone, video) $20 for adults and kids over 6, $10 kids 6 and under (See FAQ for why we have to have a visit fee). At least one parent or legal guardian must be enrolled with children from the same family

See “FAQ” for more information.

Special Apology to potential patients age 50 and above: As of January 1, 2018, Unorthodoc has filled all it’s available memberships in this age group. We are grateful to these members for both teaching and understanding the importance of time and relationship in medicine and now turn our attention on the generations that may never have experienced this.

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