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Unorthodoc Members and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

“Wash your hands and open your hearts.”


For our established members: You may not have realized just how smart you were to join Unorthodoc until now. We are uniquely positioned to work through this crisis along side you, having had the ability to do virtual visits since we opened. If your appointment CAN be done remotely and you want to avoid coming in, we can do a HIPPA-compliant phone or video visits through Spruce. We can’t do Pap smears or ear checks remotely, but there is a whole lot more that we can do virtually. We may intentionally move our older or more medically challenged patients to future dates but we are taking that day by day. We are doing drive-up flu and strep tests, when needed. A negative flu test is being required to move forward with COVID screening. We have the option to do COVID-19 testing, but the lag time to get a result is more than 4 days. Right now, we are letting UNC take the lead with testing (see below).

Mainstay Advice: Postpone all nonessential travel, wash your hands frequently, and keep them away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. When soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer that is at least 62% alcohol in all instances where you would otherwise need to wash your hands.

Stay informed:

Patient Information From “Up To Date”

North Carolina Health Department

World Health Organization

Centers For Disease Control

If you do become ill, particularly with fever and cough, stay home, contact us first, and let’s make a joint decision about how to handle it. We can even meet you in our office parking lot for a flu/strep swab (still the most common treatable illnesses you are likely to get right now). Go to the ER first only if you develop shortness of breath or, if you are asthmatic, wheezing that you can’t manage at home with your usual medications. It is still smart to contact us first. The protocols at the hospitals continue to evolve daily. However, if you are struggling, get immediate help first.

If you must go out when ill, cover your mouth and nose with a bandanna, handkerchief, or simple face mask (not an N95 respirator). The mask is to protect others from you, not to keep you from getting sick. Washing your hands is YOUR best protection. If you are having symptoms of a cold that you think you can manage at home, do that initially. There is no treatment for COVID-19, so the smartest thing you can do is stay home unless you really need medical attention. MOST cases of COVID-19, and even the flu, are no worse than a mild-to-severe cold. Going out to the ER, urgent care, or even our office “just to be sure” puts you at risk for catching something else.

UNC has set up testing sites at the Ambulatory Care Center on Mason Farm Road in Chapel Hill BUT they are not taking “drop-ins.” You MUST call the UNC COVID-19 Helpline at 1-888-850-2684 first and go through their screening process. Then THEY refer you to the testing clinic if the likelihood is high. Be prepared for a wait on the line but they are answering. We have the capability to test at the office, but LabCorp’s reporting time is days longer than that of UNC.

Can my medicines make me sicker?  There has been some concern that certain classes of drugs may make it easier for coronavirus spread quickly inside your body —

  • Thiazolidinediones anti-diabetic drugs (Actos, Avandia or generics ending in “-izone,” but NOT METFORMIN OR OTHER ANTI-DIABETIC MEDS),
  • ACE-based anti-hypertensives (anything that ends in “-pril” or “-sartan” BUT NOT OTHER HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINES), and
  • Ibuprofen (and possibly other NSAIDS, NOT Tylenol/acetaminophen).

The WHO has stepped back from an earlier suggestion to avoid ibuprofen. The potential problems with the other drugs has NOT been proven.  Therefore, I am recommending that our patients continue these important and sometimes life-saving medications unitl further notice. Keep your eyes open to see if this changes in the future or if new medications hit this list. Regardless, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO, BAR NONE, is avoid being exposed to COVID-19 in the first place. Refer back to “Mainstay Advice” above.


Welcome to Unorthodoc,

a new kind of medical practice where you come first and middlemen don’t make your healthcare decisions.

Welcome to Safer, Closer, Saner, Cheaper Health Care.

Unorthodoc and its founder, Dr. Cory Annis, use a membership model to eliminate the time constraints, impersonal service and high cost of your health care. Our fees are transparent and predictable so the focus shifts from how the doctor is paid to what you need. Your affordable membership partners you and the doctor for health care that is:


      • A relationship with one doctor that reduces over-diagnosis and over-treatment.
      • Ample time with the doctor during your visits.


      • Same-day or next-day visits for urgent problems.
      • Increased access through texting, video, phone, and home visits.


      • Coordinated tests, specialist visits and hospital transitions, when needed.
      • A home base for your medical records, concerns and wellness goals.
      • A relationship you can keep despite changes in your insurance or job.


      • Spend WAY fewer dollars trying to run up a deductible you won’t meet 93% of the time.
      • Wellness and sick visits, basic labs and studies* included :
Member Monthly Yearly (save 10%)
One Adult* $54 $583
Each Child 0-18 (or 26)* $39 $429
Family 2 adults/2 kids* $167 $1,785
Each additional child * $10 $109

Primary care for a family of four is $4.92/day, less than the cost of a sandwich!

*Per visit charge (in-office, phone, video) $20 adults and kids over 6, $10 kids 6 and under (See FAQ for why we have to have a visit fee). At least one parent or legal guardian must be enrolled with children from the same family

See “FAQ” for more information.

Special Apology to potential patients age 50 and above: As of January 1, 2018, Unorthodoc has filled all it’s available memberships in this age group. We are grateful to these members for both teaching and understanding the importance of time and relationship in medicine and now turn our attention on the generations that may never have experienced this.

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