All testimonials were submitted by our patients. Because of the unique privacy issues with health care, we used their real names only with their approval. Others selected their own identity descriptions so readers know what types of people love Unorthodoc while protecting their personal identity.

"We are so very thankful that we enrolled in Unorthodoc for the care of our newborn twins this year. This model of healthcare has been perfect for our family of four. Dr. Annis is both brilliant and an excellent communicator - a winning combination often difficult to find in a physician. She provides us with thoughtful, caring, evidence-based responses to the questions and concerns we have as new parents. We greatly value the time she spends with us at each appointment, as well as her generous online accessibility (through the patient portal and texting program) outside of our regularly scheduled appointments. We feel so fortunate to be part of her new relationship-centered practice in Carrboro."

39-year-old Mother of Boy/Girl Twins, Chapel Hill, NC

"You changed my life and I'm so grateful!!"

50 year-old Female Fireball

If anyone is on the hunt for a primary care physician, please consider Cory Annis. Her membership plan is very affordable, she spends a lot of time actually listening to you, and her practice is way more focused on wellness than any doctor I've ever seen. All my LGBTIQ peeps, you can't say I didn't provide you with an invaluable resource to get and stay well in the new year. Forget the stale new year resolutions and call 'Unorthodoc'-- you owe it to yourself.

Srinath Jayaram