Step 1: Insurance and Its Alternative: The Quick and (not so) Dirty

Step 1 of 10 in our series-- “Do-It-Yourself Health Care: 10 Steps You Probably Don’t Know About” Most would rather endure a tax audit than read about insurance, so I promise to keep this short. The following are ideas for protecting you against the really expensive health surprises while avoiding the Individual Mandate tax penalty. No matter what the current administration does, that remains in … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself Health Care: 10 Steps You Probably Don’t Know About

No one would be shocked that simple actions positively affect health outcomes and costs -- things like regular hand washing, printed medication lists, and correct identification of patients before surgery. But most of us are unaware of the simple things WE can do as individuals to make our own health care safer, more affordable and more satisfying. Yes, of course, doing healthy things reduces your … [Read more...]

Unorthodoc and the Keiser Report: Predict the Future of Health Care By Building it Yourself

Unorthodoc, Direct Primary Care, and I found ourselves exposed to roughly 30 million viewers during an interview with the Keiser Report, a global financial video podcast by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert (interview 15 minutes into episode 1069). What happened next was sensational! We only knew the program had aired when our office phone started ringing off the hook, and our inboxes exploded. We were … [Read more...]

File Under “No Excuses!”

If you aren't inspired, make sure you still have a pulse. The Oldest Female Body Builder didn't start exercising until she was 71... … [Read more...]

Doh! The Value of My Practice I Completely Missed

In 2015, I walked away from insurance-driven health care to open Unorthodoc, a primary care practice based on individual and family memberships. I was pretty sure that I knew why my current and potential patients would join me. After all, weren’t they as tired of the inconvenience and cost of insurance-controlled medicine as I was? They wanted my unhurried time, believing that a doctor who heard … [Read more...]

Paying The Piper: How to Make Your Health Care More Affordable

You've heard "He who pays the piper, calls the tune." In health care, we've come to expect insurance companies, employers, or the government to pay our doctor bills. We shouldn't be surprised, then, when they tell us all what to do. When we are paying for something directly, don't we insist on a significant role in the outcome? As both a doctor and a patient, I'm doing what I can to remove … [Read more...]

The article I wish I’d written…

  Time Magazine profiles Direct Primary Care, the type of care Unorthodoc provides. It's no longer a trend; it's a movement. If you haven't visited lately, take a look at version "2.0." Some brave and happy doctors and their patients are realizing that the most valuable real estate in all of medicine is the space between your family doctor's eyes and yours. Let's build from … [Read more...]

Bad Health Signals Bad Leadership (and How to Change Your Message)

Your health matters more to your company than you realize. People are watching, worrying, and maybe even be leaving. Entrepreneurs are the rainmakers and economic engines of their companies, especially in the beginning. Staff, partners, and investors feel more secure in their futures when following vital leaders who are clearly in charge of their own health. Like it or not, your company … [Read more...]

A Secret to Healthy Eating for Business Travelers

Originally posted on  As an entrepreneur, you have to make every moment of your hectic day count. That often leaves little time left to focus on a healthy lifestyle, especially when you're traveling to drum up business. The typical calorie-laden business meal can lay you flat and turn colleagues or potential customers into the unwitting saboteurs of your best health … [Read more...]

Five Weight Loss Tactics For Business Travelers

Why are my business travelers losing weight on the road? Doesn't everybody pack on pounds when they're away from home? Not if you follow the simple steps posted here. Natalie Sisson, the awesome mistress of, is graciously hosting my guest contribution. Read the short but juicy post then check out her super site. If you've dreamed of making a living from anywhere … [Read more...]