Our Team

Cory Annis, MD (Owner and Founder)

“I love what I do. I always have and I always will. Medicine is, first and foremost, a human endeavor, a relationship.  It’s my opportunity to serve as witness to people’s lives, a trust I take very seriously.”

On the other hand, Dr Annis tries not to take herself too seriously. Her all-time favorite compliment was from a young mother who said, “Gee, Dr Annis! You’re not like a real doctor at all!” She was new to the practice, and had just spent an hour talking about her health and her life. Dr. Annis had never felt more proud.

More and more, she hears patients say that they can find all the information they want. What they need is a mixture of wise counsel and accountable coaching. Dr. Annis strives to fill that role.

Unorthodoc was founded in July 2015 from her desire to provide a simpler, more direct, more personal approach for primary care. Without the constraints of insurance, the practice strives to give patients what they deserve –affordable, relationship-driven primary health care.

Training and Memberships:

Announcing our new arrival!!!

Amy Jane Nayo, MD 

Dr. Nayo is a family medicine physician who joins Unorthodoc after 3 years of broad spectrum family practice in rural North Carolina. A previous Peace Corps assignment in West Africa sparked her love of service.  For her, medicine is so much more than a job.

Like Dr. Annis, Dr. Nayo believes that patients and their physicians, not administrators and insurance companies, should be making individual healthcare decisions.

“I am honored and proud to be a family doctor. Primary care, when done well, is a balanced blend of clinical medicine, humanism and a pragmatic perspective. My work brings me great joy and satisfaction.” 

​Training and Memberships

Jodi L. Ziegler, MA 

Jodi is our Patient Care Coordinator and EBMD (“Everything But the MD”). She jumped on board when Unorthodoc was still just an idea. After 25 years around health care, she knew that restoring a trusting relationship between people and their doctors could change everything. She wanted to work for the solution instead of the problem. Every day, she puts the literal “teeth” in our personal healthcare mission by being the smile that greets you on the phone or at the door. She also takes great pride in her ability to draw blood and give shots in the kindest possible ways.

“I enjoy getting to know the people we take care of.  At Unorthodoc, we have time to do that.  Seeing someone’s expression when they realize that truly personal medical care doesn’t have to cost a fortune is very satisfying.”


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